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Use a web site such as kitco. Be sure to look up the price of silver, as it changes every day. The coin on top, marked AU for About Uncirculatedwould catalog between our 'well preserved' and 'fully uncirculated' values.

The coin is in excellent shape with almost no wear and absolutely no problems like stains and scratches. The reason this is not a fully uncirculated coin is because it has lost its frosty, fresh-from-the-mint luster, probably from being exposed to damp air for long periods of time. A sealed numismatic holder would have solved that problem.

Now look at the coin marked VF for Very Fine. There is very noticable wear, especially on the high points like the eagle and snake, and the cap. Most coin collectors call this amount of wear VF, or 'average circulated. But, it is easy to see that there is something un-natural about the XF coin. In fact, someone has cleaned or polished it with harsh chemicals. That sends collector appeal down to zero, and serious, knowledgeable collectors will not pay more than silver value for this coin.

A coin dealer would probably pay one-half of the catalog price for the AU and VF pieces. Coin collecting is a rough hobby to get started in. It is certainly a buyer beware situation. Learn the ropes first and you won't get stung. Find Coins. Browse Coins. Coins by Location. Coins by Genre. About CoinQuest. Mexico Un Peso to Country name Estados Unidos Mexicanos in a semicircle over the Mexican coat of arms: a Mexican golden eagle standing on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake.

At the base of the cactus there is a holm oak encino branch on one side and a laurel branch on the other.

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Denomination and year at the bottom. Translation: Independence and Liberty. Coin composition Silver. The exact composition of those coins is. Values in the table above are expressed in USD.

Mexican 1 peso coin

They are based on evaluations by Numista users and sales realized on Internet platforms. They serve as a measure, but they are not intended to be relied upon for buying, selling or exchanging. Numista does not buy or sell coins or banknotes. Frequencies show the percentage of Numista users who own each year or variety among all the users who own this coin.

Members from this site want to exchange it: Histo50j-b07douzain95TuckHardmishakAjaxkennebunk15cecuartasCiinelbaislandpablopezburbain5squash70kuglajbelenadisenfranchisedSalval-ajaisteMcShurminredcatmpasheaderek83italyJadishmario. Cuhaj Krause Publications. I wish to get it I don't wish to get it. Feedback: none Country: Israel Languages :.

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un peso coin

Numista Rarity index: 6 Search tips This index is based on the data of Numista members collections. It ranges from 0 to0 meaning a very common coin or banknote and meaning a rare coin or banknote among Numista members.

This value is given for information purpose only. Numista does not buy or sell coins or metal. Facebook Twitter. Mexico Estados Unidos.Great communication, extremely fast delivery and wonderful item. Will absolutely be buying again. Standard International Shipping will be used and will not be tracked unless negotiated beforehand.

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un peso coin

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Picks made out of metal produce a much brighter sound than plastic. Metal picks made from coins, give players a unique tone as the alloys used in various coinage from around the world vary greatly. Playing guitar with a metal pick gives a unique, rich and bright sound, very different from normal plectrums Brian May of Queen often plays with a silver sixpence.

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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Coins and Paper Money. Currency Conversions. Wiki User Answer I've been doing the math calculator and it is 0. Asked in Coins and Paper Money How much is a estados unidos mexicanos un peso from ? Un Peso What was the Mexican peso worth in ?

How much is UN peso serie L junio with the red star on it worth?

un peso coin

Asked in Mexican Coins What is the value of a un peso Mexican silver coin? I have a "un peso" silver peso, what is it worth? I have a 1 un PESO on the front is a buzzard or some ugly bird on top of a mountain is it rare and how much is it worth. Many countries use or used the peso as their currency. Please post a new question with the country of origin. Asked in Coins and Paper Money What is the value difference between a peso and un peso? Technically, the answer is 1 peso because you're asking about a Mexican coin in Mexico.

If you're actually asking what it's worth in US currency, exchange rates change daily but during much of and the Mexican peso has been worth around 7 US cents. It is counterfeit money. Mexico didn't exist until Worth in what currency? You must say what you currency before this question can be answered. Please post a new question and include the date. If it's a Mexican "Nuevo" Peso. If it's one of the OLD Peso currency, it has no monetary value.

May have some collection value. It means "one peso.The 1 peso coin was first issued by the Second Mexican Empire from toduring the reign of Emperor Maximilian Ieven though an unissued pattern coin of the denomination was struck by the original United Mexican States several years earlier in Intwo years after the execution of Maximilian and the establishment of the current United Mexican Statesa new issue of the 1 peso coin was introduced.

From that point forward, the country has continued to issue 1 peso coins. The peso coin is now the oldest denomination of coined Mexican currency still circulatingfollowing the discontinuation of the 1 centavo coin in The Mexican Mint was commissioned by the original United Mexican States to strike 1 peso pattern coins in At the time, the word "peso" was often used as a colloquial expression for the 8 realor piece of eight, coins of Mexico and Spain.

The coin, which is today considered extremely rare, is composed of silver. An eaglelikely the coat of arms of the United Mexican States, is featured on the obversewhile a Phrygian capa symbol of liberty often depicted on Mexican coins of the period, is displayed on the reverse.

The coin is composed of. It weighs The coat of arms of the Second Mexican Empire, which consisted of an image of a Golden Eagle devouring a snake on a prickly pear cactus inside a crowned circular frame supported by two griffinsis depicted on the reverse.

Below the left griffin is the coin's value, and below the right is the year of minting and the mint mark. The variety struck with an "Mo" is the most common, partly because it was the only variant that was struck into At least six similar 1 peso pattern coins composed of silver, silver-plated copper, copper, cupronickelor lead were minted in at Mexico City.

Following Emperor Maximilian's execution and the consequential dissolution of the Second Mexican Empire, the current United Mexican States was established in This coin is composed of. Below are three items that together represent law : a scroll bearing the word "LEY" "law"a swordand a weighing scale. At the bottom of the reverse near the coin's rim is the value "UN PESO", the mint mark, and an indicator of the coin's silver purity. A new 1 peso coin was introduced inonly a year after the introduction of the silver coin, which it circulated alongside for a short period of time.

Production of the earlier coin ceased inbut the new coin continued to be struck until It weighs approximately 1. Similar to the coin first issued init features the coat of arms of Mexico on the reverse, along with the state title of the Mexican Republic and the year. The value, written as "1 PESO", is displayed in the center of the reverse, with the gold purity and mint mark inscribed above and a wreath engraved below.

Copper and silver patterns of the silver coin were struck at Mexico City in These were followed by various unrelated patterns minted in copper, silver, and white metal from to Between anda few Mexican mints produced a variety of non-circulated pattern coins, each listed in the Standard Catalog of World Coins but not listed as similar to any circulated issue, either due to the omission of such information or the unattributability of the patterns to any issued coin.

Silver patterns were struck at Guanajuato and Mexico City in The following year, coins of the same composition were produced at Culiacan and Mexico City. Two 1 peso patterns were minted at Mexico City in a bronze and silver coin. The value and "Mo" mint mark are displayed to the left of the image, and the planned silver purity of the finished coin is written to the right.

The Krause catalogs do not indicate whether the silver pattern of used the same designs as the bronze coin or if it bore its own. A one-peso coin from It continued to be struck until Underneath it is the value, mint mark, year, and silver purity. Mexico City struck at leastexamples, including approximately 10, restrikes from that can be distinguished from the originals by the number of beads on the reverse originals have beads while restrikes only have At least 11, examples were struck at Culiacan from toand during the same interval, 36, were produced at Zacatecas.

Coins from Guanajuato were only made from toand during these three years, at least 8, 1 peso coins were minted at the city. Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins gives mention to an aluminum 1 peso pattern coin. However, it does not indicate whether or not the pattern is related to the 1 peso coin that was issued at the time.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

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All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Coins and Paper Money.

Wiki User The Un Peso, or one peso, was minted, beginning in through as a circulating coin in Mexico KM They weighed 0. Inthe "old" Peso was re-valued, then exchanged at a rate of "old" Pesos for 1 "new" Peso. As of Novemberthe exchange rate was about 13 "new" pesos to the US dollar.

As bullionthe coin weighs As a practical matter, however, the low percentage of silver means that a bullion buyer would likely pay nowhere near that amount.

As a numismatic itemthe value depends on the coin's condition. Not enough information. What denomination is it?

Please post a new question. Asked in Panama What is the value of a Panamanian un centismo urraca? The value of a Panamanian penny is 1 cent. There was no British Halfpenny minted. The was no British Crown minted. A blank what????? Asked in US Coins What is the value of your uncirculated coin package? It only has face value 5 cents.

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It is of no monetary value like the quarter, He has a bio coin. Asked in US Coins What is the value of a nickel? It's just a nickel, spend it.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

Mexican Coins. What is the value of a un peso Mexican silver coin? Wiki User I have a "un peso" silver peso, what is it worth? That yr.

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Asked in Mexican Coins What is Mexican silver cinco peso coin worth? Current silver price x. A Mexican peso coin is not a rare coin. It has a silver content of 0. Asked in Mexican Coins What is value of Mexican silver coin? Asked in Mexican Coins What is the value of a silver 50 pesos Mexican coin?

I have a Mexican paso 10D 20G Libartad. What's it worth?

The Highland Plectrum Co. One Mexican Un Peso Coin Plectrum.

What is the value of a Mexican 5 pesos coin. Its value will also be affected by the current price of silver bullion which changes daily.

un peso coin

Asked in Coins and Paper Money Is a peso made of silver? The Mexican peso is about ten percent silver so its value fluctuates with the silver market. Its value also fluctuates depending on the wear of the coin. A 1 Peso coin made from. Asked in US Coins How do you calculate the silver value of a coin? The value of a silver coin is always changing because the value of silver is always changing.

Mexico - Un Peso coin from 1970 in HD

See the related link below for a silver coin value calculator. This does not give the actual value of the coin but it does give the value of the metal used to make the coin.

This is know as the melt value. If anyone tries to sell it to you for more than 20 spot on silver its a rip. I don't know Asked in Mexican Coins What is current dollar value of silver Mexican 2 peso coin? Metal value depends on the purity of the silver and the weight of the coin. Numismatic value depends on the condition of the coin. Please check your coin. The Centenary of Melbourne was in Asked in US Coins What is the value of silver one dollar coin?

Depends on the mint mark and the condition of the coin. The value of a Mexican centavos coin depends on the denomination and condition of the coin. The typical value is between 6 and 65 US dollars.

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A Silver Eagle Bullion coin is


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