How to ask someone to judge a competition

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We will get through this together. Asking for forgiveness when you know you should is not a simple matter of uttering a few words. It is a way to show that you accept your mistake and have learned from it. To ask forgiveness of someone you need to spend some time thinking about your actions and how they affected the person you have wronged. Then you need to approach the person with sincerity and a willingness to be rejected. Asking forgiveness is not always easy, but you can learn how to do it by following some simple steps.

Keep reading to learn how to ask for forgiveness. A phone call isn't a terrible way to apologize to someone because they'll be able to hear the sincerity in your voice.

There's still one other method that's even better, though. Try again Not quite! Taking the time to write out and mail a letter shows that you put time and thought into your apology. But it can be hard for the person you're apologizing to to judge your tone when they only have your written words to go on.

Guess again! While an email apology is better than none at all, try not to apologize by email if you can help it. The ease of typing up and sending an email may make your apology seem less sincere, and it's notoriously difficult to tell what tone someone is using in email.

Try another answerDo you run promotions on your Facebook page? A simple timeline promotion is a great way to get your fans interacting with you and with each other — and you only need to give away a small value prize to get people interested. Decide on the prize and use the word WIN! In the US, a random draw is a sweepstakes and judged is a contest.

Ask a question with one correct answer, and people will simply copy the comment above theirs. You can also embed your Facebook post into a blog or website — click on the photo then hover over it until the menu appears at the bottom. Tip: Create a unique link at bitly.

How To Become A Competition Judge

For quick results, choose a winner using the tool at www. Screenshot your results and save your spreadsheet in case someone queries how you chose your winner! If you used Woobox, the line number in the spreadsheet should give you a rough idea of where their comment is. The only safe way to get in touch is for YOU to message the winner, and wait for their response. If there has been no response after 28 days, you can select another winner. Finally, get your prize to the winner as soon as you can, but certainly within 28 days — use a tracked delivery service if possible.

D id you find this post useful? Tags: Facebook promoters. Is this post taking into consideration the new GDPR guidelines? Do I just need to include in my terms and conditions that this website will be used to draw the winner? This article answered almost all of my questions! Can I ask, how would I go about creating a landing page and linking it to my posts with my full terms and conditions?

Thank you so much. Can I ask, how would I go about creating a landing page and uploading it to FB with my full terms and conditions?

how to ask someone to judge a competition

Hi, I am slightly new to social media and I posted a competition organically on Facebook and also created an ad on Facebook. Organically we had a great response however no likes or comments by posting it through the Facebook ad.

How to Invite Judges to Your Awards Contest

Not sure what happened as the ad seemed to reach and engage with over 12, people. Any advice would be great. What was the prize you were giving away? I targeted the type of people that would visit us and in the area but no comments or likes to enter. Thank Suzanne. Thanks for a useful post Di — also glad to see you have updated it. I really appreciated this post walking me through it. This post is not entirely correct now. The guidance in the Facebook Developers section forbidding the forcing of page likes relates to the construction of third party apps, not to promotions run on a Facebook page.

There is nothing in the Facebook page terms saying you cannot tell people to like your page. People should want to like a Facebook page because of the content posted, not because they want to win a pencil sharpener.

Even great content is seeing very poor organic reach right now.Sheri and I have been teaching competition and judging classes since We love these classes because of the huge value in learning about competitions of course! How does that work? Well, if you think about it, judges are usually good dancers, in fact usually great dancers — and also great teachers, instructors, and coaches. At an advanced level, these become more refined and personal for that judge: and can be something like: showmanship, aerials, clean footwork, clean timing, style of dance, wardrobe, presentation, and more.

What this means: Whether you are a competitor or not, learning to watch, critique, and judge a competition can really improve your own dancing, especially at an advanced level as the more advanced your level of dance is, the more overlap there is between social dancing and competition dancing.

And so the reason for this blog post: because I get email requests now and again for the handout and it always takes me awhile to find it.

So instead, yoohooo! Here it is! And realized I could easily attribute this to dancing which had improved my spring and more importantly my footwork and mobility. Competition dancing definitely is a different muscle than Social dancing, and you can think of it as a way to cross train in another dancing discipline.

Even if you do not compete, learning to value competition dancing can definitely expand your mind about Lindy Hopping. Not to mention, it just adds a bit more fun and direction to dancing. Sometimes it is easier to practice when you have a goal in mind. A lot of great dancing came out of this era.

Both competitors and non-competitors continued to up their level of dancing which correlated to the number of competitions taking place. These kind of died down pretty steadily afterat least in Los Angeles, while competitions grew in other parts of the United States.

In fact our competition classes we started teaching in were NOT local but at other dance camps. Since then we have made an effort to increase competition classes locally and from that we have refined the following handout which is the basis for both our normal 60 to 90 minute class as well as our 4 hour competition workshop. We started competing inand one of the main promoters in this area was Melinda Comeau.

From there we got to know Sylvia Sykes who is our biggest mentor in competitions and dancing and Jack Carey. Together, the three of them have had the most influence on our dancing.

how to ask someone to judge a competition

In fact, I think Sylvia Sykes watched and judged every competition we were in for the first six years we competed from to since she served as head judge at every event we were at. So anyway, back to and our first competition. No other events actually do this. And yes we still try to cram it all into one page as a handout. I do want to give you a few important points to consider as you look at the handout. So when I say this is what judges look for, I am speaking for myself and Sheri and from talking with other judges of events we go to.

That is another reason it is always good to ask judges for their critiques and opinions, because some people may judge entirely different than what I have laid out here. Okay, to the handout! So some points some you may be able to glean from the handout right away, some the connection may be a bit deeper and not as obvious. The bottom part of the handout is an example relative placement. It is fairly easy to understand if you understand the basic rule that whenever a couple gets a majority of votes, they win.

Generally, the larger events will have seven or more judges. The smaller events will have five. We have even been to some that had three. Click on the image below to get the full res version. In fact, open it in another window so you can read along with me! Right click, open in new window. So there are six couples in the competitions, Couple 1 through Couple 6.A blog for the dance studio owner, the dancer, the competition parent, and anyone else associated in this crazy dance world.

I get asked this question all the time. How did you get to become a competition judge? How did you get started? Did you just call and ask? Did you have to apply? I was actually very lucky the way that I was asked to be a judge.

The FDC was this association made up of several dance competition companies where they basically brought the top 50 studios from each region in to celebrate and thank them for their business. It was also to encourage them to attend only these competitions in order to get the greatest chance of competing at The World Dance Championship Series.

Anyways, I was walking around a vendor evening trying to look like I knew what I was doing and introduced myself to each owner of the competitions I could find. I came across one of the competitions and began telling her what we liked and did not like about the event.

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After about a 30 minute conversation, she asked if I would be interested in coming on board as a judge. I had never even thought about becoming a judge at the time as I had owned my studio for maybe 3 months by this point, but it did not deter me from considering it!

I get paid to travel around and watch dance all day?! The timing was perfect as I had become really good friends with another competition company there which had asked me to come judge as well. However, when they found out that I had no experience, they said to contact them when I had at least 1 year under my belt.

At this point, I felt like my career would skyrocket. This would give me the chance to add some credibility to my name and give me the inspiration needed for my own studio. I began judging by that same dance season and booked as many weekends as I could.

I owe a lot to that first company who took a chance on someone who had never judged before.I would like to expand the list of suggested Contest Judging Criteria as it applies specifically to Photo Contests to include updated entry methods, social media trends and promotional knowledge acquired in the past 2 years.

And finally, the Judge s selected by the Sponsor to judge their Photo Contest Entries ideally should be an expert or have some degree of expertise in what they are judging. A professional photographer would be a perfect choice; however, this is not a requirement, but it will help the Sponsor select the Best in Show!

Plus, the Entrants gain a sense of fair play when they see that the winner was chosen by an expert. It should be noted that the Sponsor can also be a part of the Judges Group as they are the experts in what their brand and marketing goals are. Since Photo Contests have increased in popularity, there are many reasons why you should run a Photo Contest for your brand and many different types of Photo Contests to choose from, click here to read more.

Hello, what criteria determines if a photographer can be entered in the professional division of a photo contest. As a Volunteer Photo Judge fir several years now, and a photography collector to boot, I second your criteria write-up. It is well thought out, clear and precise. Roger Lourie. Thank you, Roger, for your thoughtful comment.

We agree — simplicity would be a great added criteria. Very useful guide-lines, thank you. As a nature photographer and scientist, I put value on the real thing. It is far harder to get a photo of a wild eagle attacking a hare, than to ask a falconer to fly his eagle at a hare for you. Your email address will not be published. Work From Home Security Tips. How does the Entry fare against the published Judging Criteria? Every Entry should be judged on its own merit, based on the established criteria.


A properly designed Judging Criteria will have the judges focusing their attention on the qualities that are going to be weighed and assigned a value or score. Such as, but not limited to: Impact — what you feel when you first view the Entry. Does the photo evoke an emotion from the viewer? Creativity — how the Entrant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their lens. Is the story being told the right story for the Sponsor and their brand?

Is it relevant? What is the Impact? Even if the Technical Requirements have all been met, does the Photo Entry create the visual impact that it should? Does the Entry exude technical excellence?Finding awards judges and then having to invite judges to awards events sometimes is not as easy as it seems it ought to be.

In this case, you should get ready to send out invitations to potential judges for various events: competitions, conferences, teambuilding, awards, and contests. There should always be someone to watch the process, vote, and decide on the winners during the contest awards. The basic principles of event organisation and management consider choosing judges as a special type of management. A strategy for selecting event judges and the development of a model for their financial or other motivation can be created to achieve success in any awards contest.

But before this is done, decide how you will invite the most suitable judge for your event. A timely invitation to the judge is a prerogative of a successful awards contest. The official engagement email allows you to inform judges about the event, such as where and when it will take place, and provides information that will help them decide whether they will accept the invitation. As a rule, an official letter to invite judges is created for such events as an awards ceremony, contest, teambuilding event, official corporate event, etc.

While in everyday life invitations most often come in oral form, in business communications it is always more acceptable to send an invitation letter when asking someone to act as a judge. That type of letter differs in style from other types of written correspondence. Searching for judges and writing invitation letters are especially important issues when organising academic events, events for scientific research organisationsor contests for schools.

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During your contest, how you motivate an awards judge, the rules of judging, and getting material benefits from the organisation by choosing the right people to act as judge are all quite important. It is also important to have a clear idea of what requirements your judges will have. In turn, a person who is going to judge should have clear reasons for taking on this role at your awards contest. In these rules, it should be clearly and strictly defined what the judging process is as well as what it is not through the use of negative examples with generalising.

Request Letter to Judge to Contest

Let us also remind you that judges may be invited from other areas, but they should be fairly close to your industry. Consequently, most of the time, future jury members judge on the problems of their own business or academic activities, and even if they have attended two or three judicial seminars, this does not mean they will confidently use the concepts and criteria they know in your unique event.

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Certain data will need to be provided and checked out by the judges before the contest starts. You should also provide your judges with important event security concepts in the description of the requirements for their speeches if anysuch as rules and judging requirements, criteria, and ceremony categories.

This should all be included in the content of their awards invitation letter, their evaluation, etc. Less significant changes will affect the adjustment of the distribution of points according to the criteria. In addition to introducing the concepts of security and the terms and conditions of fair judging, no other significant changes should be made to the rules. This implies one of the main reasons for possible dissatisfaction with the assessments when analysing the final protocols.

Unfortunately, few people think about the true causes of their discontent.People who know me—who know about the times I ate flavors of ice cream50 types of pie hold your breath till November for that linkand pretty much every burger in Chicago —won't find much of note in this statement. But people who don't know me quite as intimately are Well, Stacey, in fact, one of the best parts of my life was judging the annual Chili Cook-Off hosted by my former employer, Time Out Chicagoin which 20 or so extremely ambitious chili makers spooned out tastes of their dubious meat brews from Crock-Pots in a crowded concert venue.

I have no idea. I eat way too much of everything, then drink recklessly to sustain my never-ending appetite for more. But for any sane person out there who is looking for survival techniques, I asked my more Perhaps these tips will be helpful the next time you are asked to judge an informal cookie bake-off in your friend's kitchen.

Or they might come in handy when you find yourself slogging through a course tasting menu, not sure how you'll make it to dessert. And of course, it's not just judges but also attendees who are trying to find ways to try every dish served at a giant tasting event. Here's the BA strategy:. Eat Before You Judge. Perhaps that's why his advice was the most Then he raised his voice.

Naturally, you're going to want to drink something—water, beer, wine are all fine, though many judges prefer milk for its heat-fighting qualities.

how to ask someone to judge a competition

Don't Overthink It Pre-gaming, self-denial, spitting—clearly we take food judging seriously. But at the end of the day, it's best not to make yourself crazy. Editor in chief Adam Rapoport 's advice: "Be decisive. And consistent. Will be used in accordance with our user agreement and privacy policy. All rights reserved. Close Menu Icon. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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